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A Staple in the Community

In this article I will be discussing chicken sausage and why I believe it is a staple in the community. The product chicken sausage has been around for 30 to 40 at least.  Many people associate the word with people of color which came from the Southern States of the United States of America.

After the migration a black people from the South in the early to mid 1940s, many people of color were not allowed to stay in some communities of Los Angeles due to redlining. So most of those people settled in the communities of South Los Angeles, Watts, and Florence district. Coming from the southern states chicken was always a part of the diet of people of that Era and distinction. Chicken in those times were usually readily available on farms in the south which made it an easy choice to be one of the No.1 foods to be consumed in that community. 

With the migration of the black community of that time to California it was only fitting that some if not all of those chicken delicacies were brought to the communities of Los Angeles, California. Chicken Sausage being one of the community favorites for quite some time, shops like Best buys Meat Co. had to be open to enrich the neighborhood with the soulful enrichment of the chicken sausage. With offerings of this sausage in hot or mild, It is no wonder that places like Best Buy Meat Co. have been around for 30 plus years offering this  product to the community giving a flavor kick to the South Los Angeles District for 3 decades now.

The Chicken sausage that is offered at this location is all- natural all the time. With many options as to the preparation of Chicken Sausage, I prefer to bake it or grill it to seal in that taste while leaving that flavorful kick in tact to be preserved in every bite. Many options are not available to choose healthy alternatives that are not fast food or convenience stores. This is why I believe that place like Best Buy Meat Co. are essential to providing a path to healthier eating which is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 to provide this chicken sausage to the community has been one of the major players of this business success. This market is not a one trick pony with other products like, Shrimp Sausage, Turkey Chops, Chicken and other poultry and meat options just to name a few it’s no wonder that places like Best Buy Meat Co. have thrived in the neighborhood for over 30 years.

So in conclusion I believe that places like Best Buy Meat Co. that enrich this neighborhood offer Items like the chicken sausage to solidify the history of the Colored Community, and bring this staple of the community to people 7 days a week Sunday to Sunday to bring the natural flavor to this neck of the woods for over 30 years.

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